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What can unite people? Family bonds? Absolutely! A common cause? That too! And when both of these factors come together, the result is bound to be fantastic.

This is the story of a large and friendly family from Texas that spans three generations.

In the mid-20th century, in a small town in Texas, there was a store that sold a variety of goods, from trinkets to fine perfumes. Its owner, a successful entrepreneur, became the mastermind behind Fantasy Community Perfumes, but that part of the story was yet to come.

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From the moment he opened his store, the owner noticed that despite their “provincial” nature, his customers had a passion for perfumes. Many of them opted for bottles of niche fragrances from a wide range. The store’s assortment already featured various types of artisan products, but the owner realized that it wasn’t enough to stop there. It was much more interesting to create something of his own. He gathered a lot of information about how perfumes are created, studied the technology, and immersed himself in the fashion trends of perfumery. And, of course, he couldn’t help but share his idea with his loved ones. Thus, a new perfume brand, Fantasy Community Perfumes, was born out of a family shop.

Today, Fantasy Community Perfumes is carried on by new leaders and ideologists of fantasy perfumery, but they share common traditions, enthusiasm, and a constant desire to discover new facets of fragrances for their customers with the company’s founder. The brand name was not chosen by chance, but rather to reflect the founder’s vision of creating a community of people who share a passion for niche fragrances. After experimenting with perfume compositions, the founder realized that the standard scent pyramids and olfactory groups were not his path. Instead, he chose to develop the field of niche perfumery, scents that are unique in their essence. Years of experimentation followed with unique ingredients, exotic valuable ingredients, and their combinations. And in this, he was not only successful but also recognized by local customers.

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Brand Fantasy Community Perfumes


Have you ever wondered what makes a perfume more than just a fragrance? Fantasy Community Perfumes has the answer. Founded by a visionary perfumer who wanted to create scents that were more than just olfactory experiences, Fantasy Community Perfumes is a brand that is dedicated to the art of niche perfumery.

After years of experimentation with unique and exotic ingredients, the founder of Fantasy Community Perfumes realized that the standard scent pyramids and olfactory groups were not his path. Instead, he chose to develop the field of niche perfumery, scents that are unique in their essence. And in this, he was not only successful but also recognized by local customers.

Shortly after the release of the first niche fragrances by Fantasy Community Perfumes, a small but close-knit community of fragrance enthusiasts formed around the company. This became the starting point when the brand finally formed its goal, values, and sources of inspiration. For Fantasy Community Perfumes, these sources are fantasy notes, which are based on the associative perception of fragrances. It is these notes that imbue the chords and sillage of the brand’s perfumes, revealing fantastic emotions.

Fantasy Community Perfumes is not just a perfume brand. It is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for rare and exquisite smells. If you’re looking for a fragrance that is more than just a scent, Fantasy Community Perfumes is the brand for you.


Our mission

Uniting Fans

What became the mission of Fantasy Community Perfumes? First and foremost, it is a club that unites fans of non-standard niche fragrances. Initially, such a community was entirely local - it centered around the Fantasy Community Perfumes family business, and regular customers of the store in Texas and the surrounding area became its members.

But over time, interest in Fantasy Community Perfumes grew beyond its native district, state, and even country. Today, the brand’s goal is to expand knowledge about niche perfumery. Community members from all over the world can not only learn more about niche fragrances but also create their own olfactory composition, breaking the barrier of company standards. In addition to fostering an interest in niche fragrances, Fantasy Community Perfumes cultivates the principles of community. The brand develops this community and assists those passionate about unique perfumes in finding like-minded individuals and friends within the Fantasy Community Perfumes club.

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What is Fantasy Community Perfumes



These are author's perfume compositions created by the Fantasy Community Perfumes community.


This is a brand that develops the idea of niche perfumery and a sociable ambassador of its own vision of perfumery.


It is one of the most popular niche perfume manufacturers in Texas, and more recently outside of it.


This is a brand that retains its core concept and reveals new facets in its fantastic fragrances.


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