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Unisex Baccara Rose Extrait by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Top notes: Almond, Saffron

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Cedar

Base notes: Woody Notes, Musk, Grey Amber

Fragrance family: Spicy, Fuzher

Quantity in package - 1 pcs.

Perfume premiere year - 2022

Country of manufacturer - USA

Country of registration of the brand - USA

Volume - 11 ml, 30 ml


Gender: Unisex

Baccara Rose composition opens with the scent of black French Baccara rose, the heart of the composition consists of saffron and Moroccan bitter almond, and completes the sound of the fragrance with the interweaving of the main notes of cedar, woody musk and gray amber.

Baccara Rose Extrait by Fantasy Community Perfumes

The honeyed floral aroma of French Baccarat rose is complemented by a beautiful note of white cedar, which gives a special resinous layer to the composition. Incredible sensuality and attractiveness of the finale is explained by the skilful combination of the wonderful duet of warm straw gray amber and enveloping animalistic heaviness of musk on the background of refined wooden notes, which adds incredible plume and allows enjoying all the notes of the perfume for 12 hours.

Category: For Women, For Men

Format - Miniature, Standard, Tester

Cosmetics Class - Niche

Type - Extrait de Perfume

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