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Male Tropical Ecstasy by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Top notes: citruses and pepper;

Middle notes: Bellini, Olibanum and Geranium;

Base notes: Salt and woody notes.

Fragrance family: fresh spicy

Quantity per package – 1 pcs

The year of the perfume premiere is - 2023

Country of origin: USA

Brand registration country: USA

Volume – 30 ml 


Tropical Ecstasy - Refreshing Journey

Experience the instant freshness of Tropical Ecstasy as you are greeted with a vibrant combination of citrus notes. This modest but stimulating aroma is perfectly balanced by notes of pepper, subtly highlighting the fruity accords. As the aroma develops, you will notice the distinct presence of Bellini penetrating the heart of the composition. The fruity sheen of this note gives the fragrance a dose of youthful fun.Tropical Ecstasy by  Fantasy Community Perfumes

Tropical Ecstasy is a refreshing journey from bright citrus freshness to an earthy woody base. Its round profile includes fruity, sweet, spicy and smoky nuances. Despite its complexity, the aroma does not become dominant. It strikes a balance between playfulness and sophistication, freshness and woodiness, creating a unique impression that lasts throughout the day. Discover an oasis of freshness and energy with Tropical Ecstasy.

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