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UNISEX Mandarino Verde by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green tea

Middle notes: Black currant, musk

Base notes: Sandalwood, galbanum

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Quantity per package – 1 pcs.

The year of the perfume premiere is 2023

Country of origin: USA

Brand registration country: USA

Volume – 30 ml


Mandarino Verde – Energy and sophistication.

Mandarino Verde is a captivating fragrance created for both men and women, part of the group of fougere fragrances. This clean and invigorating composition instantly envelops you with the energy of citrus and fresh green notes.

From the first seconds, Mandarino Verde will give you the freshness of Mandarin, filling you with pure energy. Then the mysterious and magical heart of the aroma is revealed, which combines refreshing green tea and healing black currant. These notes create a sophisticated cocktail reminiscent of magical moments.Mandarino Verde by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Graceful and sensual notes of musk and galbanum complement the fragrance, giving it elegance and mystery. And the splendor of sandalwood framed by nobility completes this luxurious perfume bouquet, which retains its uniqueness throughout the day.

Mandarino Verde is not just a fragrance, it is a true journey of freshness and sophistication. It emphasizes energy and individuality, bringing lightness and nobility to your image. Enjoy this luxurious scent that will be the perfect companion for your everyday and special moments.

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