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Female Long Island by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Top notes: Mandarin

Middle notes: Strawberry, Vanilla

Base notes: Floral notes

Fragrance family: Floral

Quantity per package – 1 pcs.

The year of the perfume premiere is 2023

Country of origin: USA

Brand registration country: USA

Volume – 30 ml 


Long Island - Charm of Joy

The impressive originality of the Long Island fragrance lifts the mood of its owners. Incredibly bright and colorful, it brings the atmosphere of a real holiday from the first notes. This sound relaxes, liberates, helps you feel the beauty of this world. By discovering an amazing variety of scents, you can easily create an image full of sensuality and expressiveness that will remain in your memory for a long time.Long Island  by  Fantasy Community Perfumes

Starting notes of tangerine with a pleasant sourness refresh and invigorate, giving the perfume sweetness and warmth, filling it with positive emotions. And strawberries simply “charge” with positivity, make you happy and inspire. Floral shades continue the celebration of life and good mood. Vanilla in the base, on the one hand, creates a contrast with floral, citrus and berry harmony. In addition, it harmoniously and gently completes the formation of a surprisingly life-affirming impression.

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