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UNISEX Lime Crush by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Top News: Ginger

Middle notes: Amber, Iris

Base notes: Iso E Super, Lime

Fragrance family: Fresh

Quantity per package - 1 pcs.

Rick premiere of perfume - 2023

Country of origin - USA

Land of brand registration - USA

Volume - 30 ml


  Lime Crush is a perfume that envelops you with a warm aroma. It takes you on an exciting journey where every note becomes paint on the canvas of your imagination, evoking vivid images and emotions.

The central element of the Lime Crush composition is the synthetic molecule Iso E Super. Its woody and cozy aroma forms the basis of this fragrance, giving it warmth and softness. However, this is not the only role of the Iso E Super. It also helps to enhance the other components of the perfume, giving it outstanding longevity and longevity.

Lime Crush by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Ginger and lime in this composition add spice and freshness. Ginger gives the perfume a spicy note that plays with your senses, while lime adds a bright and fresh accent that enlivens the scent. Together they dance, creating harmony and bringing even more warmth and energy to Lime Crush.

Lime Crush is a fragrance that transforms the world around you and takes you on an exciting journey through the game of scents. He leaves behind vivid memories and long-lasting admiration. Add Lime Crush to your collection to enter a world of vibrant and emotional scents.

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