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Female Pink Brut by Fantasy Community Perfumes

Top notes: apricot, champagne

Middle notes: black elderberry, black orchid

Base notes: whipped cream, mahogany

Fragrance family: Fresh, Pink

Quantity per package – 1 pcs

The year of the perfume premiere is - 2023

Country of origin: USA

Brand registration country: USA

Volume – 30 ml


Pink Brut – The scent of pink extravagance

Pink Brut is a niche fragrance that boldly ignores outdated perfumery traditions and invites you into a world of innovative and contrasting compositions. This fragrance is like a perfect melody, created on the basis of a unique pink molecule, which, thanks to its metamorphoses, forms a bright, multifaceted three-dimensional composition.

Pink Brut opens with a whirlwind of magical chords of attractive elderberry, sparkling Pink Brut by Fantasy Community Perfumes, juicy apricot and mysterious black orchid. This initial accord lasts for a long time, adorned with a rich and sensual base of mahogany, sweet cream and noble dark woods.

Pink Brut conveys crystal clear emotions and reveals amazing facets of sensuality. This fragrance seems to wrap its owner in a precious train, making every magical movement.

Pink Brut is a fragrance for those who are not afraid to stand out, for those who are looking for something new and unique in the world of fragrances. This fragrance is a challenge to tradition, ready to reveal a world of art and innovation before you. Wear Pink Brut and leave your mark on the world

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